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Hair perming and hair extension

There are times when your hair needs to relax. A relaxer is a type of lotion or cream used by people with kinky or curly hair. It makes the hair easier to straighten by chemically relaxing the natural curls. Let us apply this for you here at Visible Changes.

Using an active agent, typically a strong alkali, we can add the relaxer then straighten your hair afterwards, getting rid of kinks & curls. Hair care starts right here. Book a relaxing treatment today and contact our beauty salon in Cardiff for more details.

Hair Perming Prices Starting from: £40.00

Hair Extension Prices Starting from: £100.00

permanent hair


Need a more permanent solution to straight hair?  Our hair straightening solutions at Visible Changes create a smooth, streamlined and sleek appearance. Remove kinks and curls to make your hair manageable. We'll add flair to your hair!

Made popular by Garret A. Morgan, an African-American inventor in 1910, hair straightening is perfect if you want to create a flattering look. We flatten your hair using the latest techniques, and give you a confident and creative style.

Prices Starting from: £100.00



Dare to be adventurous with a new hair colour. Whether you want a bold colour or subtle highlights, our talented hair stylists create the perfect look to unlock the inner you. Fancy a new shade? Visit us here at Visible Changes for expert advice.

Using natural-looking colours, we maintain the strength and integrity of your hair as we gently add highlights or lowlights. Working with nutrient-rich, ultra-moisturising products, we offer a range of colour services to women seven days a week.

Hair Colouring Prices Starting from: £40.00

Highlight Prices Starting from: £50.00



We make hair fabulous at Visible Changes. Have a hair treatment at our beauty salon and we'll provide you with the perfect pamper package, with shampoo designed specifically for your hair and conditioner that makes it feel gorgeous. 

Everyone's hair is different, some is straight, some curly, others dry or oily. Whatever type of hair you have, we make it look amazing! We don't just treat it with the best hair care products, we can transform it with a beautiful new style.

We use oil and massage the scalp first before we use henna wax treatment with vitamin e and six types of henna food treatment. We then steam and style the hair.

A deep conditioning treatment repairs dry and damaged hair.

Prices Starting from: £35.00

hair cut &

blow dry

A hair cut and blow dry could be the perfect 'pick-me-up' if you want to spoil yourself. When you feel a little blue, book a hair cut and blow dry at Visible Changes, our stylists will soon lift your mood with a fashionable and funky hairdo.

Whether you want a dramatic new look, an updo for a wedding, or a blowdry for a night out, we can re-style, add highlights, full colour or perms, and cut and blow your hair using specialist treatments by our expert hair stylists in Cardiff.

Wash, Hair Cut & Blow Dry Prices Starting from: £35.00

Hair-Up Prices from: £35.00

Exclusive Dry Hair Cut Prices from: £20.00

Hair Straightening Prices from: £20.00

Hair Curls Prices from: £25.00